ANKC Regulation 6 - Section 9

9.6 Bull Terrier & Bull Terrier (Miniature)
a. Judged separately with each variety receiving separate Challenge Certificates.
b. Inter variety breeding is approved indefinitely. (10/08) (10/12, 7.2.3) (10/18, 6.2)
c. All progeny resulting from the inter variety mating MUST be registered as Bull Terrier (Miniature). (10/08) (10/12, 6.1)

The links/articles below are provided for information:

The Bull Terrier Illustrated Standard

The ANKC Extended Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier Miniature breed Standard

Type in the Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Coat Colour Overview

Colour in Bull Terriers Part 1

Colour in Bull Terriers Part 2

Bull Terrier Coat Colour Probability Tool

Bull Terrier Polycystic Kidney Disease - an Autosomal Dominant Disorder 


Mutation of gene in BT PKD

Bull Terrier Hereditary Kidney Nephritis

Correlation of Histopathological features and renal impairment

Renal pathology of PKD and HN

Echocardiac parameters in the Bull Terrier

Mutation associated with Primary Lens Luxation

Spin Out 

For your information Dr Bruce Robertson has confirmed the ACES Annual Breed Summary Excel table for the year July 2014 to June 2015 was recently approved for publication at the 10 July AGM of the ANZCVS Ophthalmology Chapter, and it has now been made available on the ACES page on our website at:


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